Sustainable Packaging

Our plastic packaging should not be harmful to the environment. That is why we also use Ingeo™ polymers, a natural form of plastic made from the NatureWorks biopolymer. So our packaging is naturally biodegradable.

A brighter future, in an attractive, smart packaging
We strive to maintain natural resources and to keep our impact on the environment down to an absolute minimum. Voges actively takes measures to boost efficiency, maintain energy and water resources, improve air quality and produce less waste. Reducing plastic waste, and recycling what plastic we do waste, are integral parts of our strategy for adding value and innovation. In 2003 Voges introduced a complete range of packaging made from Ingeo™ biopolymers, which are the first and only performance plastic in the world made from annually renewable resources. This technology uses raw materials such as maize instead of petroleum as its basic material. In other words, replacing finite resources with inexhaustible resources. Ingeo™ is suitable for all disposable solutions and is compostible too. The product is derived from the Earth, and will be absorbed into it again.

A vacuum-formed cup breaks down to powdery fragments in about 35 days in a properly installed aerobic industrial composting installation, at an average temperature of 60°C. Once the PLA fragments have been broken down, they continue to hydrolyze into lactic acid and the microbes present quickly turn them into CO2 et H2O.

Distinctive Designs
Voges thinks about the issue of recycling even in the design phase, by creating compact and efficient products that can be produced using less material. Smaller, thinner, lighter products: we can do more with less material. Our range of blister packs is currently already made from 100% recycled PET bottles.

Voges has set itself the aim to guarantee safe working conditions and ecologically responsible manufacturing processes. We strive for operational excellence, and reducing our own production waste is a part of that, so our production waste and by-products are actively recycled too. Thanks to efficient design and using materials that are highly recyclable, Voges has been able to reduce waste material at the end of the product's service life to the bare minimum. The materials that we do use - recycled PET, PVC, PP, PLA and PS - are valuable to recyclers.