Packaging for Bulbs

We have produced trays and blister packs specifically for bulbs. They are suitable for both loose bulbs and potted bulbs, and are an ideal way to transport them and display them.

High Quality Standards
Our expertise in packaging for bulbs dates back to 1882 when our founder John Voges began exporting bulbs himself. He always upheld extremely high quality standards for packaging, to protect the quality of the bulbs when they were delivered. This tradition of quality has always been the driving force behind our packaging solutions.

Carrypack and heat seal blister pack
We have developed the carrypack for potted bulbs: where the soil is already contained in the packaging. This variant allows for a number of different combinations of potted bulbs within one single package. For example, you can deliver hyacinths in 3 different colours at the same time. If you sell dry bulbs, you can choose between a range of different heat seal blister pack solutions, including the option to attach a full colour picture of the bulb in full bloom. In both cases, these forms of packaging provide sufficient ventilation to prevent the bulbs from being suffocating in their own gasses.


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