Syngenta's sprouting trays made to fit the client's business

Syngenta Seeds, one of the world's biggest seed suppliers, was wanting to put an end to its reliance on injection-moulded trays for the sprouting of seeds of some of its crops, including the cabbage family, barleys and tomatoes. This was a material that had seen its best days. Working with Voges, Syngenta Seeds came up with new sprouting trays that were a perfect fit with their business.

The Challenge
Has to match the client's business model
Apart from the risk of toxicity from the rinsing of this material, the dimensions of trays simply didn't match those of the sprouting cabinets. Even worse, the trays were attracting condensation — not conducive to sprouting. So Syngenta Seeds asked us for an alternative.

Our Solution
Single-use recyclable trays
After a thorough fact-finding stage, we developed a thermally-formed sprouting tray, coated in anti-fog foil to prevent condensation. Syngenta Seeds sends these trays back for recycling after each individual use. This affords maximum respect to the environment and means that the trays don't have to be rinsed or stored: a boost to hygiene.

The result
Sprouting trays that are not just green but efficient
Using our trays, Syngenta Seeds has significantly increased the efficiency of how it does business. The trays are an exact fit in the company's sprouting cabinets and there is no condensation. The single-use, recyclable design means little storage space is needed and removes the risk of toxicity.

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