Pot and Plant Combo for Ikea

Ikea cacti enjoy a great deal of interest. The only drawback: they are prickly, and difficult to combine with suitable ceramic pots. Ikea asked its supplier Edelcactus to think of a solution for the problem. Voges solved the problem. A carry pack, holding a cactus, complete with pot and soil all in one go, yet without being pricked by its spines.

The problem
Customers choose the wrong combination of pot and cactus
In the Ikea plant department you could pick up a cactus and a pot to go with it, but from time to time that went wrong. As well as the risk of being pricked by the cactus spines, people also often chose the wrong pot. And ultimately that led to a decline in customer satisfaction. Edelcactus BV, Ikea’s cactus supplier, was asked to upgrade the existing product to a carrypack within the same look and feel.

Our solution
All-in-one carrypack
We decided to design the packaging again from scratch. This included every aspect of its appearance, functionality and its original prerequisites. We ended up with a solution that allowed customers to pick up a cactus in its packaging and try it for size in the range of pots located nearby. This is the ideal combination for customers, because the high-quality transparent material allows them to see exactly what they are buying and to choose the most suitable ceramic pot straight away.

The result
This combination has been a positive impulse for ceramics sales
The carrypack makes the same visual impression as the old packaging, preserving its identity and functionality, but with the difference that the cactus can be sold more easily with a pot that suits it. The costs were also kept down to a minimum by optimising the production process, and by offering the cactus and pot combination, Ikea uncovered a positive impulse for sales of ceramics. The consumer can now buy it all in one go and can carry the cactus home without being pricked by its spines.