Plants through the letterbox

Strong mail order packaging for plug plants. SCP is a company that supplies plants and other products by mail order The most challenging part of which is the letterbox. How can you get plants through it? Voges came up with an inventive packaging solution and made savings on production costs to reduce the price.

The challenge
Devise packaging that could be used to put plants through the letterbox
SCP asked Voges to come up with packaging that would be flat enough and yet strong enough to allow plug plants to be sent to individuals by post. The plants needed to be held inside their plug compartments, but still needed to be able to breathe too. And, of course, the packaging also had to be made for a good price.

The solution
Ingenious Production
Voges looked at the options for its visual appearance and functionality with a production engineering perspective in mind. Because optimum production efficiency is the top priority for ensuring the concept is achievable. Voges developed a trial version which could be used to test whether it would be strong enough and ‘letterbox-functional’. Furthermore, ingenious ventilation slits were added to let in sufficient air, as well as resulting in substantial savings on production costs because the topfoil no longer needed to be perforated.

The result
Safely in the post
SCP plug plants could now be sent in the post with ample ventilation. The strong packaging solution that Voges came up with offered optimum protection for the plant, allowing it to be effortlessly popped through the letterbox. Thanks to its inventive production process, with ventilation slits instead of performing, the costs were kept down as well.