Herb Packaging from NatureWorks PLA

Swangolt herbs are known for their high quality. Their packaging has to match this quality too, of course. Consumers demand more and more of packaging, and that is why the herb supplier Swangolt commissioned Voges to come up with a modern, sustainable solution. This not only resulted in higher quality, but also lower prices.

The problem
Improving the packaging
The packaging used by the German herb supplier Swangolt no longer performed up to the latest standards. It was clear what they needed: packaging that was better in several ways.

The solution
A comprehensive upgrade
For an upgrade like this the best idea is to start again from scratch. Voges worked towards the original prerequisites and looked at all aspects of visual appearance and functionality. They also took a close look at product engineering considerations to ensure optimum production efficiency. So the mould was made with a modular design to allow various different configurations to be easily applied within the main design. The mould also underwent advanced development to allow the use of PLA, a material that is notoriously difficult to handle. This was the starting point from which Voges developed a clamshell pack that offered improved ventilation, user-friendly euro hook and a substantially upgraded look and feel. By using sustainable PLA packaging, Swangolt has now gone on to be a market leader in modern herb packaging.

The result
A rise in quality and a fall in price
The product’s clear appearance and improved quality allowed Swangolt to more strongly position itself in the market and offer added value to its customers. Voges also optimised the mould to improve output and further reduce the price.