Haribo Eat&Greet

Heat seal blisters make edible cards a reality. Tiko Foodconcepts came up with the idea of an edible greeting card for the confectionery brand Haribo. Twice the surprise! But how do you go about packaging such a thing? Voges solved the problem.

The challenge
How to package an edible greeting card
Working together with Tiko Foodconcepts we agreed the prerequisites for a very original edible greeting card. The packaging had to display the card clearly and for hygiene reasons also had to prevent any contact with customers in the shop. A number of different ideas came up in the concept stage, like valentine’s cards with hearts and swimming certificates with fish. And a recognisable name: Eat&Greet.

Our solution
Heat seal blisters with top foil
Voges designed a blister pack for each of the differently shaped cards which could each be easily and automatically top-sealed. A range of basic shapes were put together incorporating the technical input of the supplier of the sealing machine. After a long process of continuous development we arrived at APET heat seal blisters in a variety of shapes with top foil seals.

The result
A tasty surprise!
The Eat&Greet greeting card became a premium product in the Haribo range. The product was beautifully presented in a recess inside the card, and the packaging was easy to handle. The packaging’s high-quality, clear appearance helped make Eat&Greet a tasty surprise in shops.