Voges Gropak in Time Magazine

The Canadian packaging designer Agatha Jaworska approached us in 2008 with her innovative plan for plants to grow inside packaging whilst being transported. ‘Made in Transit’: when the products arrive at the supermarket they are fully grown and ready for consumption. It can hardly be any fresher than that. We developed the idea further together and came up with the Gropak. This collaboration was given 34th place in the Time Magazine Best Inventions of 2008.

The problem
How to transport fragile plants?
For her final thesis at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, Agatha Jaworska looked at a number of innovative solutions for food. She focused primarily on products with a limited shelf life, which often had high harvesting costs and which started deteriorating in quality whilst they were transported. Agatha came up with the brilliant plan to grow the plants whilst they are in transit, and to deliver them to the supermarket at exactly the right moment. But how can it be done?

Our solution
Gropak, Made in Transit
Voges took a close look at Agatha’s plan, along with her preferences and her requirements, and together with her we developed the Gropak. This packaging is made from sustainable PET material, or from biodegradable PLA material, and provides the ideal conditions for growing in transit. The Gropak mould has been designed to be easily adjusted to suit the requirements of the packaging’s contents. This means we can offer the right Gropak for any kind of plant.

The result
A new market for fresh special varieties
Mushroom growers said that our Gropak and the Made in Transit concept have now allowed them to supply more fragile varieties because they are now able to survive being transported. This has opened up a whole new global market. They only have to put the spores into the packaging and perfect mushrooms arrive at their destination. This marks a major shift in the world of packaging, away from “best before” and towards “ready on”, and it has not gone unnoticed. This invention brought Agatha Jaworska 34th place in the Time Magazine Best Inventions of 2008.

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